Printable Media

This page lists the range of printable media within our product portfolio:

Pitbull Logo

This 5 mil white pressure sensitive gloss vinyl has a super aggressive permanent adhesive for Low Surface Energy (LSE) applications. Pitbull MX is ready for Thermal and Eco/Solvent printing. For customers who want to replace the plastics when they replace the graphics, this is the permanent bond you are looking for. Once Pitbull sets up, 24 hours, removing it is a lot like tug-of-war. Pitbull is undoubtedly the most permanent bond yet. Applications include any hard to stick to surfaces including: plastic, powder paint, thermoplastic Olefin and textured surfaces. For UV exposure over 2 years it is recommended that a UV foil such as Gerber's Abrasion Guard SPF be used to prolong the life of the base film and graphic. We recommend it to be used alongside Convex Pro-Shield laminate to ensure the longest possible lifetime.

Convex Pitbull for Solvent Inkjets, Gerber Edge, Edge II, Edge FX
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
5 mil15 inches50 yardsWhite GlossPB51550W
5 mil20 inches50 yardsWhite GlossPB52050W
5 mil30 inches50 yardsWhite GlossPB53050W
5 mil1 meter45 metersWhite GlossPB53945W
5 mil54 inches50 yardsWhite GlossPB55450W
5 mil60 inches50 yardsWhite GlossPB56050W

HighBond Logo

Convex sticks to bike, ATV, sled and cart plastics. With Convex High-Bond you know that your work will stay on and not end up in the dirt! When Printed on and laminated with compatible Convex or Pro-Shield laminates, you will make thick, durable decals that can take a beating. This is assisted by its ability to conform well to rounded surfaces due to it having less "memory" than other vinyls. Convex High-Bond vinyl is available in 6 mil thick clear and white gloss for thermal printers. For inkjet, use Convex High-Bond Matte vinyl which is also 6 mil thick.

Convex High-Bond for Solvent Inkjets                                                                  Convex High-Bond for Gerber Edge, Edge II & Edge FX
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
6 mil20 inches50 yardsMatte WhiteCHBM62050W
6 mil24 inches50 yardsMatte WhiteCHBM62450W
6 mil30 inches50 yardsMatte WhiteCHBM63050W
6 mil1 meter45 metersMatte WhiteCHBM63945W
6 mil48 inches50 yardsMatte WhiteCHBM64850W
6 mil54 inches50 yardsMatte WhiteCHBM65450W
6 mil60 inches50 yardsMatte WhiteCHBM66050W
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
6 mil15 inches50 yardsWhiteCHB61550W
6 mil15 inches50 yardsClearCHB61550C

MotoWrap Logo

If you make graphics for power sports, motowrap gives you the best mix of economy, adhesion and conformability to compete in the fast-paced decal market. MotoWrap is a 4 mil glossy white vinyl with a specially formulated adhesive designed to stick to plastics found on power sport vehicles. It is well complemented by Motowrap laminate for a economical decal solution or Pro-Shield for the most durable laminate.

Convex Motowrap for Solvent Inkjets, Gerber Edge, Edge II, Edge FX
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
4 mil15 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMW41550W2
4 mil20 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMW42050W2
4 mil30 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMW43050W2
4 mil1 meter45 metersWhite GlossMW4145W2
4 mil54 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMW45450W2
4 mil60 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMW6050W2

Reverse Logo

Convex Reverse is a unique super flexible 18mil thick crystal clear vinyl made for sub-surface printing with the Gerber Edge, ink jet printing, or screen printing, Combine this with High-Bond Clear or White adhesive for extra thick short term decals that will take a beating.

Convex Reverse for Gerber Edge, Edge II, Edge FX
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
18 mil15 inches25 yardsPrintable ClearCR181525C
18 mil27 inches25 yardsPrintable ClearCR182710C
18 mil54 inches25 yardsPrintable ClearCR185425C

Chrome Logo

Convex Chrome with High-Bond PSA is a new premium 7 year UV film that has a super mirror finish on both sides... and like all convex products you know it conforms to complex curves. Convex Chrome cuts beautifully for "cut only" jobs and wont tear easily or oxidise like shiny polyesters do. Laminates are recommended to protect the pristine finish of Convex Chrome. It comes on a polyester liner for a super smooth application. It also has a protective polyester mask on top of that which must be removed before printing or cutting. When it has been removed it reveals a pristine shiny mirror finish. Show your product off with Convex Chrome!

Convex Chrome for Gerber Thermal Printers
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
4 mil15 inches50 yardsChromeCCHB1550S

GearWrap Logo

Convex Gearwrap is designed for high-energy surfaces such as helmets ,enamel painted, glass, etc. It is permanent, yet cleanly removable for up to one year. This requires less labour when refurbishing helmets. It is available in 4 and 8 mil clear and white. For low energy plastics and powder paint, use Convex High-Bond.

Convex GearWrap for Gerber Edge, Edge II, Edge FX                                        Convex High-Bond for Solvent Inkjets
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
4 mil15 inches50 yardsClearC41550C
4 mil15 inches50 yardsWhiteC41550W
8 mil15 inches50 yardsClearC81550C
8 mil15 inches50 yardsWhiteC81550W
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
4 mil30 inches50 yardsWhiteC43050W

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