This page lists the range of overlaminates within our product portfolio:

Pro-Shield Logo

Professionals need crystal clear, thick, heavy duty, abrasion resistant laminates. Pro-Shield was developed as the solution for shrouds and other areas on MX bikes that receive the highest amount of abrasion from boots and knee braces. Most professional shops choose the combination of Convex High-Bond with Pro-Shield laminate because even though Pro-Shield is harder and less conformable, you can mould Pro-Shield to most shapes with the aid of a heat gun. If you are mailing graphic kits to novice applicators, we recommend using the softer more pliable Convex laminate. Pro-Shield comes in 7 and 12 mil thicknesses. Therefore when you print on Convex High-Bond 6 mil and laminate it with Pro-Shield your decals will be 13 or 18 mil thick.

Convex High-Bond for Solvent Inkjets                                                                  Convex High-Bond for Gerber Edge, Edge II & Edge FX
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
12 mil20 inches50 yardsClearPS122050C
12 mil24 inches50 yardsClearPS122450C
12 mil27 inches50 yardsClearPS122750C
12 mil30 inches50 yardsClearPS123050C
12 mil1 meter45 metersClearPS123945C
12 mil48 inches50 yardsClearPS124850C
12 mil54 inches50 yardsClearPS125450C
7 mil20 inches50 yardsClearPS72050C
7 mil24 inches50 yardsClearPS72450C
7 mil27 inches50 yardsClearPS72750C
7 mil1 meter45 metersClearPS73945C
7 mil48 inches50 yardsClearPS74850C
7 mil54 inches50 yardsClearPS75450C
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
7 mil13 inches50 yardsClearPS71350C
12 mil13 inches25 yardsClearPS121325C
12 mil13 inches50 yardsClearPS121350C

Convex Laminate Logo

If you are faced with curves that other laminates just can't handle use Convex laminate. Softer than Pro-Shield, Convex is designed to be easy to apply to complex curves by the average Joe. Convex laminate adds that thick layer of protection and super high gloss finish. Convex laminate is available in 4 and 8 mil to fit your curves and budget. Also the new Convex 22 mil gives you the thickest layer of protection against impact available for rough environments.

Convex High-Bond for Solvent Inkjets                                                                  Convex High-Bond for Gerber Edge, Edge II & Edge FX
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
4 mil20 inches50 yardsClearC42050C
4 mil30 inches50 yardsClearC43050C
4 mil50 inches50 yardsClearC45050C
8 mil20 inches50 yardsClearC82050C
8 mil24 inches50 yardsClearC82450C
8 mil27 inches50 yardsClearC82750C
8 mil30 inches50 yardsClearC83050C
8 mil1 meter45 metersClearC83945C
8 mil48 inches50 yardsClearC84850C
8 mil54 inches50 yardsClearC85450C
22 mil30 inches25 yardsClearC223025C
22 mil54 inches25 yardsClearC225425C
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
4 mil13 inches50 yardsClearC41350C
8 mil13 inches50 yardsClearC81350C
22 mil13 inches25 yardsClearC221325C

MotoWrap Logo

If you make graphics for power sports, motowrap laminates give you the best mix of economy, conformability and durability to compete in the fast-paced decal market. However please note this is not as durable as the Pro-Shield laminate.

Convex Motowrap for Solvent Inkjets, Gerber Edge, Edge II, Edge FX
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
8 mil13 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMWL81350C
8 mil20 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMWL82050C
8 mil30 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMWL83050C
8 mil1 meter45 metersWhite GlossMWL8145C
8 mil54 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMWL85450C
8 mil60 inches50 yardsWhite GlossMWL86050C

Stubbl Logo

This 18 mil thick heavily textured clear laminate works well with or without graphics for areas that you need extra traction. It works in dry or wet applications. Use it on motocross bikes or Quad bikes to get a better grip... or use it on swim platforms or surf boards for more traction.

Convex Reverse for Gerber Edge, Edge II, Edge FX
ThicknessWidthLengthColourPart Number
18 mil13 inches20 yardsPrintable ClearCR181510C
18 mil20 inches20 yardsPrintable ClearCR181525C
18 mil27 inches20 yardsPrintable ClearCR182710C

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